Nichols job

Custom designed home

  • Date: July 2018
  • Client: Graham Nichols
  • Project Type: Project manage and build home

About this Project

We were brought in to oversee this purposefully designed home, to match the clients existing home just down the road.

We were involved in this project from start to finish, where we started with the design, the build, all electrical work done by our in-house electrican and finished off with the driveway and landscaping.

Graham the owner had got prices from shed companies, but because he wanted to match it up with his house only a few meters away by making it the same width, same roof pitch, and same eve width, the shed companies didn’t want to vary from their plans without huge costs.

But it was easy for us, we organised the design through a drafts man, submitted it to council, than we completed the excavation, boxing, laid the concrete (we lay our own slabs under 100m2), framed up, scaffold erected, clad outside and roof with iron, had our in house electrician complete power by trenching power over with our own digger installed fuse board and power points and lights as needed, digger finished landscaping and formed drive up to garage.

The only two subcontractors were needed on this job it was a spouting installer because Graham wanted the spouting to match the house, so a particular companies profile was needed, (had a two week wait for them) and garage door installer.

These sort of jobs run like clockwork and the project management is minimal.

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